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Our Products are lab tested


thc variety pack

150 mg thc | 300 mg thc

thc strawberry

150 mg thc | 300 mg thc

thc sour watermelon

150 mg thc | 300 mg thc

cbd sour lemon

150 mg cbd | 300 mg cbd

CBD variety pack

150 mg cbd | 300 mg cbd

thc sour green apple

150 mg thc | 300 mg thc

thc cherry

150 mg thc | 300 mg thc

GUMMIES - Balanced 1:1




If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please reach out to [email protected]


While we prepare all edibles in a nut free kitchen, we cannot guarantee that the facilities we source our ingredients from contain no nuts or that there is no potential for cross allergen contamination. Use extreme caution if you have allergies and are concerned about allergen contamination as we cannot guarantee that none has taken place.

No, we test on ourselves. We love animals.

We accept payment through e-transfer or by cheque.

We charge a flat rate of $30 for all shipping.

All orders over $1500 will be shipped for free.

Minimum order amount is $500.

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